Homemade Baker’s (india) Limited is a four decade old Baking Specialty Group and is Currently producing “SUNFEAST” Biscuits for ITC LIMITED apart from promoting its own brand of Biscuits & Rusk “HOMEMADE BAKER’S BISKIES”.

Company got into Rolled Sugar Cone Baking activity as a result of reliance of HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITED on its Baking Skills and stringent quality standards.

The Hindustan Unilever Limited then known as Hindustan lever Limited had persistent problem of sourcing good quality cones for its Cornetto  Brand of Ice Creams Manufactured in the Northern Part of India.

They relied on the experience and technical expertise of our  company, which till that time was largely known for manufacturing popular Brands of Biscuits like Complan and Glucon-D-owned by Heinz in india and Kissan Greedy Biscuits owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited.

Company started producing Industrial Cones on a Jupiter 45 and the entire production of 23 Million cones per annum was made available to Hindustan Lever Limited for its Cornetto ice Creams.

For next few years we were busy learning and improving our Cone Baking Skills. Our Master Baker down the generation puts his every thought to look on well guarded recipes to turn out the crunchy delights. We at HOMEMADE BAKER’S (INDIA) LIMITED place higher priority on the product quality using the finest ingredients and packaging designed to provide maximum product freshness and protection.

All these years we realized that only the combination of excellent ingredients, most modern technology, permanent control and development ensure excellent result.

Going by the above philosophy we got our self most modern Waffle Cone Manufacturing Ovens available globally from WALTER WERK, Germany & FRANZ HAAS Austria.

These fully automated lines put together today are capable of producing 3 Million cones per day and the cones manufactured are automated sleeved before being packed.

The good quality cone will not remain good unless it is served in the finest printed Aluminum Foil Sleeve which are today printed on our In-house NILPETER ( DENMARK ) Printed Press and rolled into Cone Sleeves on world’s finest forming machines for accuracy and consistency. The use of food  grade inks and in house lamination of Aluminum Foil and paper makes us different among the competitions and adds to our quality vision and delivery capability.

Finally the combination of best recipe and the relevant technology has now made us fully equipped to manufacture the cones, which are at par to best cones manufactured globally.